Today we are happy to announce our new partnership with the brand new Norwegian software company “Hex Software”.


As from today they have released their first program called HexSS and this program is designed for players who go to LAN events very often to allow them an easier way to apply their settings and config.


HexSS lets you save your monitor settings you have on your home computer to their database and then when the player travel to a LAN and playing on a different PC all the player needs to do is make sure the PC has HexSS and then all he needs to do is click “Apply My Saved Settings” and the software will apply the settings the player saved last time and he is also allowed to download his own config via one button click if he uploaded is config through the program.


For more info regarding Hex Software visit their website:



One question you may ask if you are trying to install HexSS is “Why does my anti-virus detect this as virus?”

To answer that question it is due to the fact it’s a brand new program, it has not been whitelisted yet by the anti-virus companies and it’s an unknown program.

They are working on getting their program whitelisted but if you have any questions regarding their software send them an email to help@HexSoftware.co


We can also confirm this program works, we have tested it and read their source code.