After a few months of trying to find the correct players for our Fortnite division we come across SabyG, Zackey & Vegeta and we are super happy to be able to sign them, not only do they play Fortnite, they also stream on Twitch & Facebook.

Zackey is the only one streaming Facebook at the moment but he will soon start streaming on Twitch again.


Here are a few questions we asked the players for this interview:


What got you into Fortnite & streaming?

Zackey – “My story started in Season 6. Before that time, my opinion of Fortnite wasn’t more than 5/10. I was more into Counter-Strike, but in Season 6 my friends wanted me to play. Slowly but I changed my mind. I started playing more and more, then I found out about streaming. I already improved a lot, and I wanted to show it to the people, so I started streaming.”

Vegeta – “I used to play CS before, but everyone around me was starting to play Fortnite, so I gave it a shot, I could say that it was worth, I practiced every day, and here I am now, also I started streaming because I wanted to show my knowledge to the people, and to get more known”

SabyG – “I lived in Germany like 2 years ago, and one of my friends told me ”come over, I will show you a cool game, it looks garbage but its fun to play”, well. I tried it at his house and I was like, yeah this is garbage, and I continued playing LoL. After that, a really bad season came out in LoL and I left it because I didn’t like it anymore, after that I had to spend my free time with something, and I tried Fortnite again, I liked it. I liked it a lot. I watched a lot of streamers and I wanted to become better than them after I realized actually I’m better, I bought a PC and started my first stream with about 25-30 viewers, and now here I am”


What is your current average viewer count on Twitch & what motivates you the most to keep going?

Zackey – “So on Twitch, I started growing so much in the last 2 months. In the mornings, I had 200+ Viewers every time, but when everyone streams in Hungary, the viewership separates and everyone watches someone who they love (maybe more than me), so when I stream in the afternoons, I average like 100 viewers. For me, the chat and the fans keep me going.”

Vegeta – “I haven’t streamed in a while because of my new school, I’m going to start it again in 1.5 weeks with daily streams, For me, Vilay eSports motivates me the most”

SabyG – “My average is between 100-150 but can go up to 200 and go down to 80. I like to play the game, I love playing on tournaments, and I want to show how good I am to everyone who hated on me.”


What is your social media and what is your stats on Fortnite?

Zackey –





435 Total Wins (Only Pro Scrims)

3.10Kill/Death 14325 Kills

Vegeta –

1000 wins in total, Kills: 14,176 kd: 2.72, but I only played scrims since season 6, didn’t really focus on stats, honestly stats doesn’t even matter
SabyG –
What are your guy’s expectations going into Dreamhack?
Zackey – “My goal is the top50, but I’ll take that top 100 as well.”
Vegeta – “Top 100 is the goal”
SabyG – “All of us want to finish in the top 100, and have fun”
Vilay eSport’s CEO & Founder statement:
“I’m super happy to be able to work with players like them, not only are they good and well know in Hungary, they are also very motivated and just wanna push further.
Being able to sign them to Vilay eSport is also a huge step for us to enter into the Fortnite scene and get our name out there even more, also I’m super excited for the future and can’t wait to see them play at Dreamhack in November 28th”
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