We meet up with Dimitar “raniiN” Avramoski from Vilay Black and we asked him a few questions regarding his future in Vilay and how he feels playing with his new teammates.


So raniiN you have been apart of Vilay eSport before playing in the main team, how do you feel coming back into Vilay playing as Vilay Black?

“First I want to say thanks to Vilay eSport because they believe in us and let us come back to Vilay its pleasure to play under this organization as Vilay.Black”


Can you tell us a bit about yourself for the people that don’t know you and your past achievements and experience?

“Yea I’m Dimitar “raniiiN “Avramoski and I’m currently 20 years old playing CS:GO from 2012 and 1.6 from 2008 / Our biggest achievement was IESF Taiwan 2018 & we are currently playing Adria League with a price poll of 4,000 euros”


What made you want to continue playing under Vilay eSport?

“To be honest out results was bad and we were inactive more than active in our last period as Vilay, Vilay was always supporting us and at the moment Vilay is our biggest support for anything”


How do you feel playing with your current teammates and how many hours a week do you guys practice?

“We are currently 4 old teammates and 1 New, it’s good to have fresh blood in the team and we are working on a new project with new roles & tactics and we practice 4-5 days a Week with 4-8 hours a day”


What’s the goal for 2019 with your team?

“Our goal is number 1 haha. We qualified for Adria League with 48 teams that played the open qualifier, top 2 going to the league and we won all matches and finish top 2 to be in the league with 7 other teams, 4 going to LAN 4, 000 Euro and we will play Winners League MAIN DEVISION on Faceit which we got invited to & with a total prize pool of 6100 USD”


Who are your current teammates, whats their role in the team and what made you guys play together?

“As I said we are 4 from the old team and 1 new we are friends with from playing together 4 years and me, duksi, sao, boro and the new one is choiv from serbia.

Team Roles:

raniiiN – IGL & Captain

boro – rifler

sao – AWP

duks1 – entry fragger

choiv – rifler/Supporter


Anything else you want to tell our followers?

Don’t stop believing & hard work pays off