It’s now official that “kiLLeRa” will be replacing “SAVADZE” for our main Counter-Strike team.

The reason for this roster change is due to the team feeling like “SAVADZE” fit best for their playstyle and we hope just the best for “SAVADZE” in the future.


We asked “SAVADZE” for any last input:

“I had a good time in Vilay and I will be retiring from now”


Vilay’s CEO Statement:

“I would like to say thanks to SAVADZE for his time in Vilay, he played really well and just a great person in general. I wish him nothing but the best for his future”


Currently we have no statements from kiLLeRa himself due to them just getting home from IESF World Championship

kiLLeRa’s HLTV:


We will be having an interview with the whole team for the upcoming week to get their inputs from IESF and other updates.