We are super proud and excited to announce our brand new Rainbow Six Siege team, as from today the team has signed a 3-month contract for a trial period, after this trial period the team will be offered a new contract if we would like to continue working with them.


We asked them how they feel like coming into Vilay eSport and this is what we got from the:

“We are super happy & excited about joining Vilay eSport, we have been looking for a while for a good organization and we have finale found our new home”


Vilay eSport’s CEO Statement:

“We have been working for some months now to find the correct and perfect team for our organization and from what I have seen so far I believe this team can make it far and show some results, can’t wait to see what the boys can bring to the table”



Bagoly Mátyás “Owl” Flex
Madarász Márk “M_Mark” Fragger
Silkó Levente “Green” Support/Flex
Mesterházy Adrián “Mese” Fragger
Tátrai László “sLainLove” Support/Anchor



Danka Gábor “Blacktiger” Support
Termö Dávid “Dufi” Flex
Kurucz Péter “UNF41R” Fragger