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Vilay eSports main Counter-Strike team has decided to replace the support player “Svvay” with Christopher “zyme” Andersson

Some info about our new support player:

Nickname: zyme

Age: 17

Role: Support

Full name: Christopher Andersson

Favorit weapon: Ak47


We sat down and did a small interview with zyme


How do you feel coming into this team?

“I’m looking forward to practicing and competing with you guys and I have a good feeling about this team making it far in terms of competing. It really looks like a solid lineup and I hope it will stay this way.”


What do you think you can bring to the team?

“I think I could bring solid communication and nade experience in terms of gameplay but also useful tips such as team setups and strats.”


How do you practice and prepare for matches?

“The first step in my warmup is just warming up my arm by moving around and basically just getting warmth in my arm. A specific map I like to use for this is “Fast Aim / Reflex Training” as this map provides bots moving towards you in a fast paste in uneven ground, which means you have to flick sideways, upwards, downwards and etc. After I get around 1000 kills and/or feel I have enough warmth in my arm, I go over to “training_aim_csgo2” and chose the mode “Intensive Fast Aiming” and just start flicking to get my accuracy on point. When I’m done and feel like I’m ready to play, I just get on an FFA Server to keep myself warmed up before the match start.”




Team Captain & IGL “Nais” Statment

I’m very happy to have a player like zyme on my team and I feel like I can use him all over the map and help him become even a better player then he his today, he might have some stuff he needs to learn here and there but other than that he knows the most.

I might end up taking him away from the support role and move over to only a rifler so we can use his aim more to open the map more.

I would say after some practice with him and the team we will become a very strong team in the future but we need some time to fix our mistakes and get to know how he likes to play other than that I’m super excited to have this guy on our team.


Some people may ask why we wanted to replace Svvay with zyme and the reason for that is because Svvay did not put down the hours and practice to become one of the best and missing experience so we talked with Zyme and he has a lot of motivation to play and work hard, also Svvay is not fully kicked from the team, he is a standin now for us in case we need someone else



Current lineup:

  • Nais
  • c0ld
  • MainStream
  • Expected
  • zyme