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Looking for CS:GO Academy players!

POSTED BY Vilay eSport March 22, 2018

Vilay eSport is currently looking for Academy players for our CS:GO team.

If you believe you have the skill that it takes to reach the top then make sure you contact us and we will give you a tryout, we prefer to pick up a 5 man team that has been together for a while but we would love to try out 5 random players together and see how it works out.



16 Years old or older,

Have a microphone,

Can speak English,

Can play at the top level like level 10 in Faceit or The Global Elite in matchmaking,



Can take care of self-practice like aim, smokes, flashes and watch demos,

Can listen to IGL,

Can follow sponsor deals,

And we prefer someone with team experience.


If all this sounds good to you then feel free to apply for our Academy team and remember we are looking for players from Europe or America only!


Apply for the Academy team by sending us a mail to and make sure you fill the following info:



Player nickname:

Full name:

Steam profile:


Amount of hours in-game:


Time Zone:


Past experience:

Why would we pick you:

What can you bring to the team:


Explain your play style:

Past teams:

Link profile for Faceit, ESEA, Cevo etc (If you have):




Thanks to:

Life Codes




Rogue Energy (Promo code “VILAY” for a discount)








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